General conditions

The renting is made to the charges and conditions of website and the following terms and conditions. 
Legal Regime of Contract : 
This renting is entered into as a temporary residence. 
The premises cannot be used as a main or even secondary residence and the tenant may not carry out any business, trade or professional activity. This contract is expressly 
excluded from the range of the Act of July 6, 1989 on rental relationships. This contract is subject to the provisions of the Civil Code and in particular Articles 1709 et seq. 
Notwithstanding the common law, only the receipt of the payment will be worth the final contract, said contract is established under the condition of receipt. 
If payment is not given deadlines or for breach of any provision of this contract, it will be immediately terminated and the owner may be entitled under section 1590 of the Civil Code to 
keep down payments for damages. 
1. The renting is automatically terminated at the expiration of the term fixed, without the need to give notice. The renting can’t be extended without the prior written consent of the 

2. Any anomaly or dispute concerning state of location or the inventory shall be notified in writing no later than 24 hours after taking possession, otherwise, it cannot be considered. 
In case of malfunction of equipment or appliances of any service not directly dependent upon the Renter (internet, TV ...) the tenant may not get any compensation or rent reduction. 

3. The check-in time is agreed in advance and by appointment between 4PM and 7PM. If different arrival time, please ask us. 

4. The Tenant shall pay to Renter, the deposit guarantee, the amount and settlement dates are defined on the specific rental terms showed on website or portal, to cover the 
damages that may be caused to movable objects or other rented premises. This deposit will be returned within a maximum of one week after the departure of the tenant, deducted, 
potentially, of the amount of : 
. Damage or cost of restoration for premises 
. Furniture and furnishings missing or disabled by causes other than normal use 
. Broken or cracked objects 
. The washing or cleaning of sofas, rugs, blankets, mattresses, bedding that would have been stained. 
. Additional household, or in the case, the cleanliness of the apartment upon departure would not be identical to the original. 
In case there would be retained, supporting documents will be sent along with the differential regulation. 

5. The premises subject to this renting shall not, under any circumstances be occupied by a number of people superior than indicated. The tenant will due the owner an amount equal 
to the number of people who are in surplus, and unless expressly agreed when reserved, the location will be terminated immediately, violators must leave within 24 hours and the 
deposit will not be refunded. The same provision applies to animals. 

6. Any tenant with animal must obtain the written consent of the owner. 

7. The Tenant is required to subscribe with an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire, glass breakage, water damage and more generally for all rental risks, as well as 
tenant liability and justify at the very first request of the owner or his agent. Consequently, they accept any responsibility for the use of their insurance company may have against the 
tenant in case of disaster. In the absence of insurance contract, the Renter reserves the right to terminate this contract. 

8. The tenant agrees to ensure the peaceful character of the tenancy and to use it as intended. He specifically agrees not to disturb the peace of neighbors and other occupiers. 
It is requires to leave the apartment and the furniture and furnishings in the state of cleanliness and service found at its entry. 

9. If you lose your keys and cannot enter the apartment, a member of our team will get to the premises as quickly as possible in order to open the door. This service will be charged 
20 euros (40 euros after 7PM and on Sunday). For each set of keys not returned on departure you will be charged 100 euros. 

10. If canceled, if you have not subscribed cancellation insurance, the cancellation fees are corresponding to the 30% of the rent for any cancellation more than 1 month before 
Then, the total rent amount is due.